Exquisite Signet Ring For All Italians

Exquisite Signet Ring For All Italians
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Exquisite Signet Ring For All Italians

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A True "All Italian" Signet Ring with the deepest Italian Roots!
This SPQR ring features the ancient Roman Empire's symbolism shown at the base of the eagle standard carried by the legions. This Exquisite SPQR jewelry ring design features a highly sculpted eagle surrounded by a detailed wreath of laurel leaves bearing the SPQR emblem. 
Rome set the standard and laid the foundation for modern Western civilization, from its legendary founding in 753 BC to 330 AD - when it ceased to be the center of Imperial authority. SPQR was the motto and the official monogram of the Roman Republic, in the same way that US or USA represents the United States. SPQR was inscribed on the base of the Legion's eagle standards, after the reforms of Marius, which created a professional military and did away with other Roman legion symbols. 
SPQR - Senatus Populus Que Romanus (Latin) - The Senate and People of Rome
Beautiful Ring handmade by artisan jewelers from precious metals that will ShineOn for a lifetime.
Made from your choice of the highest quality .925 Sterling Silver, .925 Sterling Silver with Patina, 24K Plated Yellow Gold, or 18K Plated Rose Gold.
This truly unique and limited design will be made to order the jeweler and ShineOn before being hand packaged and shipped to your door.
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