Cimaruta - Italian Protection Pendant

Cimaruta - Italian Protection Pendant
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Cimaruta - Italian Protection Pendant

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The cimaruta ("chee-mah-roo-tah"; plural cimarute) is an Italian folk charm, a type traditionally worn around the neck or hung above an infant's bed to ward off the evil eye (Italianmal'occhio). Commonly made of silver, the amulet itself consists of several small apotropaic charms (some of which draw upon Christian symbolism), with each individual piece attached to what is supposed to represent a branch of rue—the flowering medicinal herb for which the whole talisman is named, "cimaruta" being a Neapolitan form of cima di ruta: Italian for "sprig of rue".
The component parts of the cimarute, which are particularly associated with southern Italy, may differ by region of origin. From out of a central stalk of rue serving as its base, there radiate multiple branches which appear to blossom into various designs; the divergent branches "sprout" at their extremities such magical symbols as: a rose; a hand holding either a wand or a sword; a fish; a crescent moon; a vervain blossom; a cock; One cimaruta, for example, might bear the collective imagery of a key, dagger, blossom and moon.
Beautiful pendant handmade by artisan jewelers from precious metals that will ShineOn for a lifetime.
Made from your choice of the highest quality Oxidized .925 Silver and 24K Gold Plated .925 Silver.
This truly unique and limited design will be hand checked by the jeweler and ShineOn before being hand packaged and shipped to your door. Necklace comes with 16” - 22” adjustable chain.

This item is handmade to order with precious metals and high end materials. Orders take 3-6 weeks to produce on items that have met their sales minimum. They are then packed and mailed via USPS First Class mail. International customers are responsible for import duties and fees.

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